Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fifth Avenue Floral Revisited

Firstly on a non-stamping note - I have decided that I really do not like ironing sheets - particularly queen size sheets and doonas (after spending the last 3 hours ironing them). I really dislike ironing, I am someone who even tries to avoid buying clothes that need to be ironed, but unfortunately I got some really nice 1000 thread sheets for half price, but they need to be ironed. Anyone got any tips, maybe I should investigate dry cleaners!!!

Onto stamping matters (luckily I had made these last night). I have been doing an online stamp class with the talented Heather Summers (see details of her class here or see her blog here) and was excited to get the chance to pull out my Fifth Avenue Floral Stamp Set again to create these little cards. This was one of the first stamp sets that I bought from Stampin' Up!.

Each card is just 3 x 3". The images have been watercoloured using inks to match the cardstock and each has three layers.

I think the last one is my favourite.

I better go and fold the sheets before they get all creased again!!!!


  1. You've done a beautiful job of water colouring and putting these cards together. Love them!

  2. How beautiful are these.

  3. Ok so firstly let me say that i only iron about once every couple of months and i never iron my sheets!! LOL i just put them on the bed all wrinkly and figure i'll wear them out!!! i loathe ironing and avoid it as much as possible!! so sorry no tips for you...
    now on to your latest lovely creations... oh my gosh they are so gorgeous!!! you have such a lovely attention to detail and the colours all match so beautifully.
    well done Alison!

  4. wow all right these are stunning

  5. I ckecked out your blog and all your creations are beautiful.

  6. WOW! These are stunning!!! As to ironing sheets, I don't do it! BUT, for 1000 count I would probably just bring it to the dry cleaners, and then those three hours you would have spent ironing could be spent stamping!

    Stampin' Hugs and Wishes!

  7. Congratulations on being featured on LNS. I'm with Christine - WOW! I've been contemplating purchasing this set while it is on sale - you are making it reeeeelly hard not to! Thanks for blessing my day! :)

  8. These cards are absolutely beautiful Alison. The colouring and matching cardstock combo is superb. Looking forward to seeing your BigShot in action on Saturday!

  9. Wow these are amazing. What colour and glamour. might need to get this set back out I feel. Thanks for sharing.


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