Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Award

A special thanks to Christine and Angie for sharing with me the Beautiful Blogger Award. I have so enjoyed getting to know Chris both through her blog (check it out here) and in person at my classes. Angie's work is just stunning (check out her blog here), you must check out her latest creations with the Vintage Vogue set - gorgeous.

Part of the condition of this award is to share 10 things about myself, so here goes:
1. I am a Chocoholic - those who know me, know that I will go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy a chocolate craving and being able to stop at one piece of chocolate is unheard of in my house!!!
2. I have a very busy full time job as a Procurement Manager for a large Australian manufacturing company (not many people know what procurement is - essentially I negotiate and write contracts!).
3. I have only been making cards for 12 months, yep started about May last year and was hooked, I think it helps keep me sane with my day job (maybe it is a left/right brain thing!).
4. I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in only July last year.
5. I have done all sorts of crafts over the years - knitting, crochet, scrapbooking (to name just a few). I made my first jumper at about age 10 (I remember I was still in primary school at the time).
6. I avoid ironing every chance I get!!! I try not to buy anything that needs any serious ironing!
7. I hate shopping for shoes - when you have size 5 feet it is almost impossible to find anything that fits properly and kids shoes just don't always suit the occasion!
8. I am over 40 (that is all I will say on that matter, can't give away too much).
9. I was born in Geelong, but have lived most of my life in Melbourne.
10. I love relaxing with a good book, by a pool, or on the beach, or curled up under a rug by a fire (and preferably being waited on 'hand and foot' - that sounds like such a funny term when you actually type it out).

So that is a bit of an insight into me, now I would like to pass this on to some other lovely bloggers, in no particular order.

Petronela - Keep Stamping


  1. You so deserve this award. Thanks so much Alison. I really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Have fun at convention.


  2. Aw thanx Alison!!! I really appreciate this - but am HOPELESS at passing them on - worry I'll miss a blog to pass it on too - and have waaayyyy too many to choose!!! It's my downfall!


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