Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Very Expensive Tooth & A Piece of Cake

Well I have had a very eventful weekend, but let me show you my project first (because there will be quite a bit of waffle to come).

This gorgeous cake box was created by Kay Sha and she has a fantastic tutorial available to purchase on her blog (see here). I decided to create a card to match and used the same flower design and the scallop to match the cake. I am going to make lots more of these to make a full size cake, but for now 1 slice is enough!!!

Now for my eventful weekend - well Sunday afternoon I broke a tooth on some ice-cream (yes you read correctly!!). Now I am a real woose when it comes to the dentist, I have a bad jaw and keeping my mouth open for longer than 60 seconds results in extreme pain, but unfortunately with a quarter of my tooth missing I had to do something. I managed to get into a new dentist this morning and thankfully after explaining my jaw issue, he suggested a jaw wedge so that I could rest my jaw and he could still work on the tooth. YEAH it worked (why didn't the other dentists suggest this), but then came the outcome of my broken tooth, the damage was too big to simply using a filling to build it back up - I needed a porcelain insert to try to save the tooth at > $1,000 - ouch. So I left the dentist rather pleased that it was not as painful as previous times but quite a bit out of pocket!!!


  1. Gorgeous card! I hope you were at least eating gourmet ice cream to make it worth spending ALL that money at the dentist. Poor you!

  2. Just an absolutely gorgeous matching set. You do such amazing things and so simplistic too. Sorry to hear about your pricey teeth I am the same as you with the whole jaw thing and the whole dentist thing. I think I have changed dentist about a million times because I don't like what I hear every time. It means more money and more pain every single time. Hopefully you don't have to be back to the dentist for a while. I hope you are feeling so much better.


  3. Dentist is a swear word! I broke a tooth once ( a loooong time ago) on a peice of sponge cak- go figure!

    Love this cake! Have seen it around and must have a go at it too. Thanks for the reminder. Love the card that matches too. Your designs are always gorgeous Ally!

  4. Please make sure not to offer me any of the ice-cream at your house!! Sounds dangerous, however, your card and cake are just beautiful - when's the class for this????

  5. These are both so darling, love this, great colors!

  6. Oh wow...gorgeous...as always! Sorry about your dental experience...no Rocky Road on Saturday?!

  7. Such beautiful creations, in your signature style, Alison - love them! Ouch, about the tooth, and the bill. I do have a very good dentist (Montrose, so not far from you) if you ever need one in future! PS: If you can't enjoy Chris' Rocky Road, I will happily receive it in the mail, LOL.

  8. PPS: I have an award for you, on my blog :)

  9. Hey Alison! I see you had a relaxing procedure with sedation dentistry (Raleigh). Sedation makes you feel more comfortable during the procedure and mind you it also cures dental anxiety and stress. This makes every treatment easy for both the patient and the dentist, especially when undergoing cosmetic dentistry (Raleigh).
    It’s a good thing that you had porcelain veneers, it protects your tooth from decay and other bacteria that may penetrate.

  10. Oh no! YOu poor thing, $1000 that could have been spent on more stamps! lol! Your projects look good enough to eat!

  11. Oh, what a very beautiful Set. It looks so elegant. I love it.

    Oh, was fuer ein wunderschoenes Set. Es sieht so elegant aus. Ich liebe es.

    Yes... tooth pain. It´s the ugliest thing we can get. Not enough you had the pain.. and than comes the fat bill! Please hold your head high.

    Ja.. Zahnschmerzen. Das sind die haesslichsten Dinge die man bekommen kann. Und nicht das es schon schlimm genug ist diese Schmerzen zu haben, dann kommt auch noch so eine fette Rechnung. Kopf hoch.

    Gruesse aus Deutschland
    Greetings from Germany


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