Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Back with a new Craft Room

I know, I have been missing for sometime now, so I better let you know what I have been up to (besides the tooth saga, which btw only finished last week with the proper insert being fitted - it does look pretty good, and so it should for that price!).

Well I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to move my craft room to my other 'spare' room (it is a bit larger and we always seem to need more space for crafting - lol!). I am currently on 2 weeks annual leave from work (this is the second week), so I spent the first week moving rooms - wow talk about the amount of stuff you uncover when you move!!!

I love these cabinets and I moved them all by myself - thank goodness there wasn't a candid camera around because they are taller than the doorways and the double ones are pretty heavy, I managed to trap myself into corners more than a few times. They store all my cardstock, DSP, business stuff, stamps, and much more. You will see I have my stamps on one of the shelves (2nd from left) and my Christmas stamps are in the far right shelf, makes it so much easier to find what I need. I got these units from Ikea, but it was some years ago so not sure if they are still available.

This is my Big Shot and Circle Scissors station - I am loving this spot. The magazine holder stores all my plates (large and small), and the Dies are stored underneath in the baskets. The table was also from Ikea, the legs are adjustable which is great to get it at just the perfect height (especially when you are a little shorter than most).

See that little step - that is so that I can get to things on the top shelf (or sometimes the middle shelf!). And my little shredder sits on the other side.

This is the view to the opposite corner of the room (from the Big Shot Station). My desk actually goes with the cabinets and is nice and deep. The table that runs under the window is one that I "whipped up" just for that spot. Well actually I went to Bunnings and bought the top (laminated chipboard), but they didn't sell metal adjustable legs, so I drove another 20 mins to Ikea to get some legs, then realised the screws that came with the legs were too big for the table top, so back to Bunnings I went for my screws.

My TV now sits on the additional table which gives me so much more room on my desk. I have some drawers on my desk which house miscellaneous bits and pieces - stapler, paper clips, glues, ribbon offcuts, etc. I also found these ribbon holders online which houses my taffeta and satin ribbon. Also on my desk - my markers, Stampin' Scrub, and some containers with precut Top Notes, embossed cards and folded card bases. Oh in the two desk drawers are my old style punches.

On my new table is my laptop, my sponge storage, my tool caddy, my Stack & Store and Colour Caddy. Underneath are more storage cabinets where I keep all my Neutrals cardstock, various tools, ribbons, etc.

To the right (and to the left of the Big Shot Station) is the wardrobe which I have also set up shelving with more stuff!!!) - sorry no photos.

Well I hope you liked the tour of my new craft room, sorry it was so long. I love playing in this room now and spent all day yesterday creating. I will start posting my creations tomorrow - must go now I am off to catch up with a fellow stamper (love these type of holidays).


  1. Jealous!!! I always seem to be working on a small square of table, most probably because I'm messy. Karen

  2. Well done, sure have put your holidays to good use. Hope you don't need chiropractic treatment after moving those shelves! Your new craft room looks sensational...enjoy creating in it. See you soon. xo

  3. I would love playing in that room too. One day maybe?......

  4. I mean, one day I might have a room like that too!

  5. Totally ENVIOUS here!! Your craft room is amazing and look at all that product *drawl*!!!!!

  6. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. I just sat here and stared for ages at your beautiful new craft room. You have done a fantastic job. I so wish I had a room like this. Maybe I should kick out one of the kid's. Which one. Let me think.

    Great job Allison. So jeolous.

  7. Wow, Alison - it looks fantastic! I can't believe you moved all that furniture by yourself (however, if you need a job done, just ask a woman!). Hope you're not too achey to now enjoy it!


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