Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Box - Change of Address Kit

My parents have moved into aged care recently and to help them to update their mail with their new address details, I made them a Change of Address Kit. I have used some Basic Grey paper to decorate the cover and 2 Bazzill Buttons and some string as the closure (the ribbon is actually just covering up a join in the paper - as I only had one 12x12 sheet of the patterned paper).

Inside there is a large heavy duty acetate pocket, which holds 20 pre-printed A5 size letters with all the change of address details (Mum can just fill in the recipient/company and any other details and send it off). I have also included a Change of Address list so they can take a note of what ones they have sent off.

On the other side there is an acetate pocket to hold envelopes, another to hold the stamps and a pen holder. I have also added a post-it note holder which is attached with velcro - that way Mum can remove and use (note a good idea is to put the soft velcro side on the part that is being removed).

Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for them, as there has been a lot for them to cope with over the past few weeks.


  1. Brilliant idea and it looks FAB too. Well done Alley.

  2. First off..how sweet of you to do that for your parents. Second..you have done such a beauty job and what a fantastic idea!

  3. Such a thoughtful gift - and absolutely fabulous too - your parents are very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter - they must be very special people too - they brought you up well!!!


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