Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is it a Box of Cards or a Bag of Cards?

I have been wanting to make a Card Set for a while and had a few ideas in my head of how I wanted to put it together, so when the Parisian Breeze Specialty Paper was released in the Spring Mini Catalogue using two of my favorite colours, Baja Breeze and Chocolate Chip, I just had to get it. I'm not sure whether to call this a Box of Cards or a Bag of Cards, so whatever you want to call it, it is a set of 3 cards, 3 mini cards and 3 tags (I'm into 3's, but to be honest I often run out of ideas for the 4th or its past midnight and I'm too tired to think of a 4th of everything).

The box or bag simply uses a cardstock cover with heavy acetate pockets inside.

When you open it up this is what the inside looks like, it has 3 heavy acetate pockets, one with a section for a pen (needs to be a small pen to fit).

Here is a couple of pictures of the complete set.

I am probably going to give this to a friend for her birthday next week (I haven't told her I have a blog yet, so she won't see it before the day). The only problem is I really like the bag/box design so I need to take down all the measurements before I give it to her so I can make another sometime (I always forget to do this, and then I struggle to remember how I had made something).

Hope you are having or have had a great weekend.


  1. how awesome is this set?! Love it!!

  2. This is sensational - may be hitting you up for the measurements - LOL. Fabulous colours too!!!

  3. This is beautiful Alison. I must say these are my fave colours too with my fav stamp set. Did you make up the design and box yourself. Clever you.

  4. This set is just beautiful. I love the colour choices. Absolutely beautifully done. Thank-you so much for yor comments on my blog.

  5. Wow, that is terrific, what a fabulous creation!

  6. OMG this is awesome I am also in love with that DSP PAPER!!!!

  7. WOW!! ALison this is stunning!

  8. Absolutely stunning set Alison !! You've done a fantastic job with this set - the colours are gorgeous and your cards are so pretty.
    Now when you write down the measurements, could you please share them with us - I would love to make this set and try out some other DS papers with it too. An awesome project - just love it!!


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